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You, too, can become fluent in the language of Barbie® doll collectors worldwide with these commonly used terms!






All Original. This phrase is often used at online auctions and other doll web sites to describe a particular doll.



Hard to find. Common abbreviation used at online auctions and other doll web sites.



Mint In Box (factory mint-condition doll in original box).



Mint in Package. Similar to MIB. Denotes that all accessories are still in their original packaging.



Mint No Box (pristine-condition doll, no box).



Near mint. Interchangeable with "excellent" when describing a doll's condition.



Never Removed From Box.



Original Swim Suit.


Barbie Doll Identifiers/Descriptors


#1 Ponytail

'59 original Barbie®, white irises, blue liner, holes in feet, body material whitens with age.


#2 Ponytail

'59, same as original Barbie®, but no holes in feet.


#3 Ponytail

'60, blue irises, more gently curved eyebrows.


#4 Ponytail

'60, new vinyl used for body that retains its color over time.


#5 Ponytail

'61, new hair texture, hollow body that's lighter in weight.


Twist 'N Turn® Waist

A moveable waist common to Barbie® dolls of the mid-1960s and beyond. Some Barbie® dolls have a variation of this waist.


Doll Category


Modern Barbie®

All Barbie® dolls produced beginning in 1972. (An "accepted" date among many collectors for the beginning of the Modern Barbie® era.)


Vintage Barbie®

All Barbie® dolls produced before 1972.



Other Terms


C Grading System

A system used by some collectors to rate the condition of your dolls. Designations are C-1 through C-10. C-1 is the poorest possible condition. C-10 is factory mint and NRFB (never removed from box).



Customized Dolls

Dolls created originally for a specific store, catalog or company. Most dolls in the Barbie® Collector line also include a doll stand and a Certificate of Authenticity and come in showcase packaging.



Mint & Complete

Pristine outfit and all accessories in mint condition.



Secondary Market

Those other than Mattel who buy and sell Barbie® dolls






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