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Each page of this small catalogue it 7.17” x 9.95”


Each page is suitable for printing and framing

Some reader may very well remember 1959 and the introduction of the new Barbie doll


Though the years this doll remains one of the greatest selling item for the original creator, Mattel


With the purchase of your first 1959 Barbie doll, included in the packaging was a colourful catalogue.




Over the years many of the original dolls were lost to time.

But even fewer of the beautiful catalogues survived the decades

Fewer of the 1959 catalogues exists because it was their first year and while successful sales skyrocketed

In 1959 and the early 1960’s with revived and updated catalogues included in the packaging

Many more of these later versions were printed and many exist today

However, the 1958 copy is the collectors item.

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1959 Barbie Catalog




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